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PeopleSoft DB2 UDB DBA and Performance Tuning Specialists



Database Consulting Services specializes in providing Administration and Tuning support to PeopleSoft Enterprise (PSE) customers on the DB2 UDB platform. 

We have been engaged by over 80 of the largest PeopleSoft DB2 Corporations worldwide.

Offerings include
 A series of 6 Webinars designed to provide support staff with a complete understanding of PSE applications running on the mainframe. The series includes an Architecture Overview class, a PeopleTools Overview class, a Configuration Class, an Optimization class, a Tracing class and a Monitoring Class.
A 600 page Guide entitled “Monitoring, Optimizing, Configuration and Architecture of PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications running on the Mainframe"
A DB2 V7, V8 and V9 Performance Audit and Problem Resolution Package
DBA Consulting Services



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