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DB2 9 for z/OS Features and Benefits Guide for PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications (2008)

A comprehensive list of DB2 9 for z/OS enhancements includes over 140 features.

Documentation and discussion of these enhancements appear in several publications, including Redbooks, Reference Manuals, Conference Presentations and the IBM Information Center. No one source includes all of the enhancements.

This Guide summarizes and organizes these features by classifying them into categories that you can attach tangible cost savings to, cross-referencing them to further information in published manuals, and highlighting the specific benefits offered by many of them to PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications.

Click on this link to download it

PeopleSoft Tips (2007)

2007-1: Process Scheduler SQL

Performance Tip of the Week Archive (2002)

These tips are now included in the Monitoring, Optimizing, Configuration and Architecture Guide

Week 1: 4/8/2002: Online tracing - 2-tier

Week 2: 4/15/2002: Online tracing - 3 & 4-tier

Week 3: 4/23/2002: Interpreting online traces - 2-tier

Week 4: 4/29/2002: Interpreting online traces - 3-tier

Week 5: 5/6/2002: Interpreting online traces - 4-tier

Week 6: 5/13/2002: The Art of Tuning

Week 7: 5/20/2002: SQL Case Study 1 - Menu authorization during Signon

Week 8: 5/27/2002: SQL Case Study 2 - Entry into PSQuery

Week 9: 6/03/2002: Menu Navigation

Week 10: 6/10/2002: Menu Browser Caching

Week 11: 6/17/2002: SQL Case Study 3 - Security Views in HR

Week 12: 6/24/2002:Case Sensitive Searching

Week 13: 7/01/2002: Batch Tracing - Mainframe Cobol

Week14: 7/08/2002: Batch Tracing - Mainframe Application Engine

Week15: 7/15/2002: Batch Tracing - Interpreting the PTPSQLRT Statistics Report

Week16: 7/22/2002: Interpreting the Cobol and SQL traces

Week17: 7/29/2002: Interpreting the PS8 AE Batch Timings Report

Week18: 8/05/2002: Tracing Remote Call Cobol

Week19: 8/12/2002: Tracing SQR

Week20: 8/19/2002: Overview of Lock Contention

Week21: 8/26/2002: Monitoring Online Threads - 2 tier

Week22: 9/02/2002: Monitoring Online Threads - 3 and 4 tier

Week23: 9/09/2002: Monitoring Process Scheduler Threads

Week24: 9/23/2002: Monitoring Application Messaging Threads

Week25: 9/30/2002: How good is your network

Week26: 10/07/2002: Caching - Part 1 (EnableServerCaching)

Week27: 10/14/2002: Caching - Part 2 (ServerCacheMode)

Week28: 10/21/2002: Query Monitor

Week29: 10/28/2002: Correlated Subqueries in DB2 V7

Week30: 11/11/2002: Dedicated Cursors and Cursor Reuse

Week31: 11/18/2002: North American Payroll Tuning

Week32: 11/25/2002: Temporary Tables - Using non-shared Temp Tables in General Ledger Cobol Programs

Week33: 12/02/2002: Temporary Tables - Using Multi-instanced Temp Tables in PS8 Application Engine Programs - Part 1

Week34: 12/10/2002: Temporary Tables - Using Multi-instanced Temp Tables in PS8 Application Engine Programs - Part 2

Week35: 12/16/2002: Temporary Tables - Other Techniques to provide batch concurrency

Week36: 12/23/2002: Temporary Tables - Runstats techniques - Part 1

Week37: 12/30/2002: Temporary Tables - Runstats techniques - Part 2

Week38: 01/06/2003: SQL Case Study 4 - 6 different access paths from the same SQL

Week39: 01/13/2003: SQR Performance in PS8

Week40: 01/20/2003: Lock Contention with PSLOCK and PSVERSION in PS7.5 and PS8

Week41: 01/27/2003: PS Ping

Week42: 02/10/2003: SQL Case Study 5 - Distincts

Week43: 02/24/2003: EDM Pool Parameters

Week44: 03/10/2003: Tracing Application Engine Driver Program SQL calls

Week45: 03/24/2003: Using the Application Debugger to Capture Temp Table data


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